How to study

How to Remember

This Kanji has a part named "Hen".

If you want to know "Hen", Click "here"


This Kanji has "sanzui" meaning about water, That's like the picture.

And another part is .

This Kanji means "possible"


So 河 "river" is from water and possible.


In Use

This Kanji is usually uesd as noun.

You can use 河 only, and the pronunciation is (kawa)


When you use 河 with other Kanji, the pronunciation is (ka), (ga).

河川 (kasen) "river" 大河 (taiga) "big river" 氷河 (hyouga) "glacier" 運河 (unga) "canal, watercourse"


I feel that we always use 河 with other Kanji.