Kanji used in Demon slayer of the Anime

鬼滅の刃 (kimetsu no yaiba) Demon slayer


日輪刀 (nichirintou) "Nichirin Swords"

日 (nichi, hi) "the sun, day"

Sunday is 日曜日(nichiyoubi) in Japanese.


輪 (rin, wa) "ring, circle, loop"

This kanji isn't just circle. I feel this circle that a lot of people formed.


日輪 (nichirin) "the sun"

If I translate this Kanji literally, the meaning is "sun wheel".

But it means "the sun". It's synonym of the sun.

It is a word that is likely to be used in a sentence written about God.


刀 (tou, katana) "sword"

There are two Kanji meaning sword.

It's 刀 and 剣(ken).

剣 is double-edged like the Excalibur.

By the way I think a lightsaber is 剣.

刀 is single-edged like a samurai sword.


鬼殺隊 (kisatsutai) Demon Slayer Corps

鬼 (ki, oni) "demon, ogre"

I think almost every Japanese people imagine like this picture as 鬼.


殺 (satsu, koro) "kill"

A serial killer is 殺人鬼 (satsujinki) in Japanese.

人 (hito, jin) "man, person, human"


隊 (tai) corps

軍隊 (guntai) "army"

消防隊 (syouboutai) "fire force"

救助隊 (kyujotai) "rescue team"


柱 (hashira) Pillar

柱 usually means "pillar"

But A pillar is originally something that supports something right?

Called pillars, they support the Demon Slayer Corps.

So 柱 means like commander in this Anime.


鎹鴉 (kasugaigarasu) Kasugai crow

鎹 (kasugai) clamp

We don't usually use this kanji.

In Japan, it has long been said that a child is a hook.

That means parents don't divorce their children.

I'm not sure but I feel that anker is the closest meaning for 鎹.


鴉 (karasu) crow

There are two kanji means crow.


One of Kanji is 鴉.

I imagine creepy crow from 鴉.


another one is 烏.

I imagine crow in general from 烏.


The difference between these two is said to be both the type or the cry.

Actuary we don't know exactly.