Recommended Japanese Kanji For Tattoo

First, let's learn the meaning of Kanji

Popular tattoos overseas

Everyone has different tastes.

Some people think the shape of the Kanji is the most important part, while others believe the meaning is most important.

I can just introduce the meaning.

I hope you select the best Kanji for you.



This Kanji is very popular, it means "love"


Also there is the Kanji "恋", which also means "love"


Sometimes we talk about the difference between 愛 and 恋

Actually we can't explain it. The meaning is almost the same.


I feel a depth of love from 愛 and I feel an excitement of emotion from 恋.


We have a story of that.

愛は真心、恋は下心。(ai ha magokoro, koi ha shitagokoro)


心 means "heart"

真心 means "sincerity".  真 means "true". I feel "center" from 真

下心 means "ulterior motive".  下 means "under"

Look at both Kanji.

愛 has a center of 心 and 恋 has a bottom of 心.


For your information

There is the Kanji "恋愛"(renai) that combines both Kanji.

It also means "love" but I feel "during an excitement of emotion in a relationship" from 恋愛.

If you love him/her, but you don't feel excitement of emotion.

That's not 恋愛 I think. Instead, it`s "恋愛"(renai).



This Kanji means "family"

I will explain the meaning of each Kanji.


家 means house.

族 means companion.

If you translate literally, it will be "house companion".



This Kanji means "power".

I'd like to introduce one more Kanji meaning a kind of power.

That's "気"(ki)


気 means "air".

But I feel mental power from this Kanji.

If you know the Anime "Dragon Ball".

You can imagine the power easily.


力 covers all kinds of power.

So 気 is one of 力.



This Kanji means "trust".

I'd like to introduce one more Kanji meaning a kind of trust.

That's 誠(makoto). This is almost the same meaning.


Maybe nobody can explain the difference between 信 and 誠.

Actually you can also pronounce "makoto" as 信.



This Kanji means "mother".


If your tattoo is only mother, I feel sorry for your father.

Let me introduce two more Kanji.


One of Kanji is 父(chichi) that means father.

And another one is 親(oya) that means parent.



This Kanji means "sea".


I will introduce Kanji of land and sky.

陸(riku) means "land"

空(sora) means "sky"



This Kanji means "song".

I'd like to introduce one more Kanji meaning a kind of song.

That's "歌"(uta)


You can use both Kanji to mean song.

I'm not sure but I feel like a kind of classic or solo instrumental recital from 曲.

And I feel like 歌 has a vocal.

I also say 曲 for a song with vocal. But I feel it's only the instrumental part of the song.

So I don't say 歌 for classic or solo instrumental recital.


The feeling might be different for each Japanese person.


And there is Kanji, "音楽"(ongaku) that means "music".

音(oto) means "sound"

楽(raku) means "enjoy"


If you translate literally, it will be "enjoying music".



Also this Kanji was ranked among the popular Kanji for tattoos.

I already explained it at 愛

Please check it!


My Suggestion For Kanji tattoos

There are many Kanji that have the same meaning.

I will introduce some of the Kanji so you can select better.



There are 2 Kanji that mean red.



This is normal red.


紅(beni, kurenai)

This is deep red.



There are 3 Kanji that mean blue.



This is normal blue.


蒼(ao, sou)

This Kanji means almost blue, It has a little bit of green.

But I feel it is refreshing like sky blue from this Kanji.


碧(ao, midori, heki,)

This Kanji means between blue and green.

But I feel the color is like a shining jewel.



There are 2 Kanji means dragon.



This is an abbreviation of 龍.

竜 is in common use.



This isn't in common use.

But almost every Japanese person selects 龍 for a tattoo.