One of the best labyrinth station in Japan

Japanese people get lost too

This website is for studying Kanji. So let me introduce Kanji too.

Tokyo Station

Let's study some Kanji with some signs at Tokyo station.

These Kanji are very useful.

入口(iriguchi)entrance, 出口(deguchi)exit, 出入口(deiriguchi)doorway

The name of the doorway has "口" at the end.

For example:

These are ticket gates in Tokyo station.

Tokyo station is one of the most labyrinthian stations in Japan.

There`s a whole shitload of entrances.

八重洲, 丸の内, 日本橋 are place names.


東(higashi)east, 西(nishi)west, 南(minami)south, 北(kita)north

地下(chika)underground, 地下1階(chikaikkai)1st basement floor


For 1F

八重洲中央口(yaesu chuou guchi)

八重洲北口(yaesu kita guchi)

八重洲南口(yaesu minami guchi)

丸の内中央口(marunouchi chuou guchi)

丸の内北口(marunouchi kita guchi)

丸の内南口(marunouchi minami guchi)


For B1F

八重洲地下中央口(yaesu chika chuou guchi)

丸の内地下中央口(marunouchi chika chuou guchi)

丸の内地下北口(marunouchi chika kita guchi)

丸の内地下南口(marunouchi chika minami guchi)


For Special

日本橋口(nihonbashi guchi) This is for Shinkansen

八重洲中央南口(yaesu chuou minami guchi) This is for the Shinkansen

八重洲中央北口(yaesu chuou kita guchi) This is for the Shinkansen

グランスタ地下北口(guransuta chika kita guchi) IC card only

京葉地下八重洲口(keiyou chika yaesu guchi) This is a maniac gate

京葉地下丸の内口(keiyou chika marunouchi guchi) This is another maniac gate


All name of the doorway has "口"(kuchi) at the end right?

"口": Normal pronunciation "kuchi" But when this Kanji at the end, the pronunciation is "guchi"

And means mouth.


Anyway Tokyo station is a labyrinth

So when you want to go to around Tokyo station, you have to check the ticket gate too.


Have a great trip!